Your Career

“Your professional progress will be reviewed six monthly and measured by your contribution to the firm in the four key areas.”

You will find a ‘road map’ designed to chart your progress and help you formulate and achieve personal and professional goals that align with ClearCorp.

Responsibility for the direction of your career primarily rests with you, however you will be assigned a ‘Mentor’ to help and guide you.

At ClearCorp you will not be assessed just on your technical ability and productivity. We expect that you will make strong contributions in all sectors and believe it is vitally important for you to develop into a well rounded professional, one who:

  • Works well in a team environment and recognises their own strengths and limitations, and those of their colleagues (Team)
  • Has a client focus and strives for excellence in service delivery (Client)
  • Has an open mind, willing to think outside the square and always looks for improvement (Innovation)
  • Is efficient and productive in the way they work (Production)

We call this our……


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